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CRI Vientiane 93.0CRI Vientiane 93.0

Laos / Popmusiikki

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Kuuntele CRI Vientiane 93.0 nettiradiota suorana Laos / Popmusiikki radioasema. CRI Vientiane 93.0 Kuuntele radio netissä.

Laos National Radio 103.7Laos National Radio 103.7

Laos / Uutiset / Hallitus

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Lao National Radio Originally was launched in 1960 in the resistance zone of the North Eastern Laos; Lao National Radio (LNR) became the national broadcast in 1975, talking over the studios of the former Royal Lao Radio Station in Vientiane. Between 1983 and 1993 it was administered jointly with Lao National Television but since 1993 it has one more operated as a separate entity. Kuuntele Laos National Radio 103.7 nettiradiota suorana Laos / Uutiset / Hallitus radioasema. Laos National Radio 103.7 Kuuntele radio netissä.